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Planting Information

Planting Techniques

For best results, do not till or disturb the soil.

  1. Thin turf cover: Broadcast over the area then rake or drag the bed to obtain seed-to-soil contact.
  2. Average turf cover: Scalp the turf to 1 inch, remove  clippings then broadcast seed over the area and use the clippings as mulch, spreading evenly. For large areas, a mechanized seed drill can be used without removing clippings.
  3. Heavy turf cover: Herbicide and let the area sit for 1 month. Scalp to 1 inch, then follow Step 2. The establishment of wildflowers is not recommended for areas of heavy turf or excessive weeds. The use of a mechanized seed drill designed for planting wildflowers produces the best results.

Under natural conditions, wildflower seed ripens and is dispersed by wind or animals in late summer, fall and winter. Following the natural cycles for the wildflower seed will produce the best germination the next season. If the seed is planted at other times of the year, the percentage of germination will be lowered and the overall effect of the bloom period will be greatly reduced.

Seeding Dates PDFFor more detailed information on bloom times throughout Florida, download Seeding Dates for Florida Native Wildflowers and Grasses. This fact sheet provides estimated dates for the ideal combinations of soil temperature and rain that are most likely to promote germination, emergence and seedling growth.

This document was produced by Jeff Norcini of OecoHort LLC with support from the Florida Wildflower Foundation. 




Landscaping information for "Real Florida Gardeners"

The Florida Association of Native Nurseries' annual Guide for Real Florida Gardeners features informative articles on native plant landscaping and lists sources for native plants, landscape design and installation, and other services.

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Native Florida Wildflowers (Part 1)

Native Florida Wildflowers (Part 2)

State wildflower license plate

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